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Dreams of the Witch (Witches of Keating Hollow Book 4)

By Deanna Chase

The Blurb: Welcome to Keating Hollow, the enchanted town full of love, friendship, and family.

Faith Townsend’s life is going exactly as planned. The spa she recently opened is thriving and she has a handsome new man in her life. But when she receives a letter from the mother who walked out on her when she was just five years old, Faith’s perfect world is turned upside down.

Hunter Mccormick has spent the last ten years on the move, trying to outrun his demons. But now that he’s found Keating Hollow and Faith Townsend, he’s determined to make the town his home. Life is good right up until old secrets are revealed, and Hunter is in danger of losing the only person he’s ever cared about. Hunter will have to find a way to re-earn Faith’s trust if he wants to be the one to fulfill the dreams of the witch.


I've been a fan of the Witches of Keating Hollow series since book 1 and I'm happy to say that the 4th installment did not disappoint.

The Townsend sisters are a hoot and after 3 books, I can almost imagine myself as part of the gang. We've seen the oldest three sisters stumble there way to happily-ever-after and now our focus is on the baby of the family, Faith.

This Keating Hollow story followed the tried and true formula of giving us a couple desperately enthralled with each other only to have their budding relationship thwarted with secrets, unwanted visitors, and a lot of misunderstandings.

It's not always easy to create an endearing character who also has flaws, but Ms. Chase does a fantastic job with both Faith and Hunter. They have more than they think in common and patience and forgiveness is certainly a running theme throughout the story.

Ms. Chase is also a master at making you feel comfortable and then ripping the rug right from under your feet. There were twists and turns that kept me intrigued and surprises that I never saw coming.

While this was a tame romance, it was sweet and satisfying to watch Faith and Hunter find their way to each other.

This was a great read that triggered almost every emotion and I'm so excited that book 5 is only months away from release.

What did you think?

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