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Kissing the Suspect: Paranormal Romantic Mystery (Mystical Melvilles Book 1)

By Kimberly Frost

The Blurb:

Callie sees the future. The universe expects her to deal with it...

So why has fate given her a prime suspect that she's attracted to?

As Callie tries to prevent the abduction of a teen girl, she's dealing with a skeptical ex-Marine, a massive mutt with bad manners, a police chief who's gunning for her, and a surly octogenarian.

Will she rescue the girl in time? Or will Callie become a casualty of the vision herself?


I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I think this story started off really great. It's funny, creative, and the characters are interesting. We get a clear picture of who Callie and Brink are and have a ton of laugh-out-loud moments with not only the rambunctious dog but the out-spoken granny as well.

The attraction between our main characters is palpable and the mystery of "what's going to happen next" is definitely attention catching.

Callie has a gift, sometimes a curse. She dreams of future events and has helped people find missing pets, people, and criminals. This is a family trait and she and her eccentric cousins and their premonitions have grown quite a reputation in their small burb. Some love them and some hate them, but they have no choice but to use their gifts. If they ignore them, mother nature herself will serve the punishment.

A dream concerning a kidnapped girl leads Callie right into Brink, a former marine. He hasn't had the best experience with love and treads lightly when dealing with matters of the heart. Callie desperately wants Brink to be innocent and can't fight the feelings that he stirs up.

Callie tries to follow her heart while at the same time, following leads to catch the criminal. Covert operations, misunderstandings, and unexpected obstacles ensue that have the potential to end Callie and Brink's budding relationship before it even gets started.

Like I said, the story started off great and with tons of promise, but, it lost some steam along the way. For me, the story was a bit top-heavy with a ton of anticipation and not enough follow-through. The ending left a bitter taste in my mouth and a bunch of questions unanswered.

A few spoilers and grievances:

  1. I guess there was some kind of marriage proposal, but, maybe not? The whole ring thing was sweet but nothing official was really done. And, "I love you" is never uttered throughout the book, so I think we have a "cart before the horse" situation going on. At the end of the story, we really have no idea what they have planned for the future.

  2. The whole "paternity" issue with Ashleigh was annoying. It was more of an unrealistic distraction and I just don't think that craziness was needed. It just threw me off.

  3. Not enough detail was placed on the actual kidnapping. Here's where that "top-heavy" feeling came into play. It was done and over with in the blink of an eye and the actual kidnapper was a really random character. To me, it would have made more sense for someone at the gym to be behind it since it seemed like foreshadowing was taking place with some of the comments the men were making about Ashleigh in the beginning of the story.

Having said all that, we are introduced to several other characters who should have their own stories told, so maybe we'll get some of these questions answered in those.

Overall, it was an okay read and I actually adored Callie, Brink, and that crazy grandma. I just may be tempted to pick up future additions just to see how they're doing.

What did you think?

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