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Monday Meme: Waiting for the Sequel

We've all been there. I'm there right now, having finished Full Blood in 24 hrs. I now have to wait an entire year for book three.

No matter how much I try to pace myself, it never fails. I simply can't help but devour a book as soon as it's available to me. I'm impatient to get the book read and then I'm impatiently waiting for the next one to be released.

It's a vicious cycle that I can't see myself out of and I don't see a cure in the near future.

I'm currently waiting for several books to hit the shelves but here are a few that I'm really excited about.

Release Date: Nov 6, 2018

Catalina Baylor is looking forward to wearing her maid of honor dress and watching her older sister walk down the aisle. 

Then the wedding planner gets escorted off the premises, the bride’s priceless tiara disappears, and Rogan's extensive family overruns his mother’s home.  Someone is cheating, someone is lying, and someone is plotting murder.

To make this wedding happen, Catalina will have to do the thing she fears most: use her magic.  But she’s a Baylor and there’s nothing she wouldn't do for her sister's happiness.  Nevada will have her fairy tale wedding, even if Catalina has to tear the mansion apart brick by brick to get it done.

Release Date: June 4, 2019

The end of Silence was supposed to create a better world for future generations. But trust is broken, and the alliance between Psy, Changeling, and human is thin. The problems that led to Silence are back in full force. Because Silence fixed nothing, just hid the problems.

This time, the Psy have to find a real answer to their problems--if one exists. Or their race will soon go extinct in a cascade of violence. The answer begins with an empath who is attuned to monsters--and who is going to charm a wolf into loving her despite his own demons.

Release Date: Dec 27, 2018

As a Wyvern pride enforcer, Ian has spent half his life fighting for survival. Protecting a regular woman should be a piece of cake.

But the enticing, sassy veterinarian targeted by shifter haters doesn’t seem to understand that she’s in serious danger.

Ian might have claws, fur and fangs, but Tania is definitely a hellcat.

Release Date: Dec 17, 2018

Welcome to Keating Hollow, the enchanted town full of love, friendship, and family.

Faith Townsend’s life is going exactly as planned. The spa she recently opened is thriving and she has a handsome new man in her life. But when she receives a letter from the mother who walked out on her when she was just four years old, Faith is determined to find her… even if it means losing everything she’s worked for.

Hunter Mccormick has spent the last ten years on the move, trying to outrun his demons. But now that he’s found Keating Hollow and Faith Townsend, he’s determined to make the town his home. Life is good right up until old secrets are revealed, and Hunter is in danger of losing the only person he’s ever cared about. Hunter will have to find a way to re-earn Faith’s trust if he wants to be the one to fulfill the dreams of the witch.

Release Date: Jan 8. 2019

The final Brentwood must find his mate as the war with the Aspens comes to a close.

Cheyenne Liles has watched all of her friends mate into the Talon Pack and have their lives changed forever, one by one. She’s stood back, helpless to assist in the war with a rival Pack. But just when she thinks her time with the Talons is over and believes she should move on with her human life, the Aspen Pack Alpha takes matters into his own hands, altering her fate far more than a single mate mark ever could.

Max Brentwood used to be the smiling one, the only Brentwood who was somehow able to save his soul during the last Alpha’s reign. But his life was irrevocably changed one fateful day on the battlefield, and he was never the same again. Suddenly, Max is forced to face his future and make a choice when Cheyenne comes into danger: let fate decide, or watch his world crumble around him.

The shifters of this world have fought demons, humans, and themselves. Now, it’s time to find out who they truly are as the war between the Packs ends, and the moon goddess finally takes a stand.

What books are you anxiously waiting for?

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5 commentaires

31 oct. 2018

This is why I struggle so much with series. I'm so impatient when it comes to waiting for the next book to come out. I usually wait until several books come out so that I have a few to binge together.


Sarah Nowicki
Sarah Nowicki
30 oct. 2018

Thanks Melissa! I just love Ilona Andrews. I'm really into her "Innkeeper Chronicles" series also and I think she may have a new release late next year. I'm so excited to hear we have similar tastes!!! I'm definitely going to follow your blog as well!


30 oct. 2018

I haven't started reading the Hidden Legacy series by Ilona Andrews yet but I'm so curious about them! I have book 1-3 on my shelves and Diamond Fire in pre-order so I hope I get around to read the books soon!

I seriously need to continue reading the Psy-Changeling series soon! I've read up until book 4 and really liked it! I'm a massive fan of her Guild Hunter series as well - read all of those.

I'm not familar with the other series but I'm definitely going to check them out. I'm happy to have come across your blog since you read so much of the sort of books I always love. Can't wait to discover new book(series) through…


29 oct. 2018

I like the look of all those. I am a binge reader too. I demolish a book as soon as it is released then suffer a few days of book withdrawal.


29 oct. 2018

I have a love/hate issue with series - I love continuing a good story, but I tend to forget too much in between and often have to reread the previous books ;)

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