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I'm a fan of fiction but Paranormal Romance is my true north on the literary compass.  


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The Over Promiscuous Hero

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

As a reader of romance, you know him very well. THE SLUT.

Seriously?! Why do the majority of our male main characters have to be such over the top horn-dogs?

I get that sex is an important element to any good romance. But, when I’m first introduced to a guy who has to “date” outside of town because he’s plowed through anything with a pulse in his...I die a little inside.

Yes, our main guy is SEXY and ALPHA and has the anatomy of a TRI-POD, but does that mean he can't keep it in his pants?

And this especially bothers me when we’re dealing with a “fated-mates” situation. He knows that someday his one true love will show up, so what does he do to honor that inevitable situation and future soul-mate? Oh that’s right…puts his pecker in anything with a pulse. WHYYYYYY???!!!!!

Now, don’t misjudge me. I agree that bringing some experience to the table can be good for a relationship and the “bad-boy” persona can definitely be a turn-on.

Sure, the ultimate fantasy is that our partner knows exactly what to do in the bedroom and has the equipment to do it. But some author’s take it to extreme and a super slutty hero makes for a bumpy start.

Thank goodness supernatural’s don’t have to worry about disease or the majority of our fictional shifter-towns would be seriously low on penicillin.

What are your biggest pararom pet peeves?

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1 Comment

Oct 05, 2018

Unprotected sex, secret babies, I have to break up with them for their own good, secret pregnancy, dom/sub, bondage, eavesdropping in the toilet, the list goes on and on ;)

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