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I'm Sarah and I still love to read fairy-tales

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I'm a fan of fiction but Paranormal Romance is my true north on the literary compass.  


I eat, sleep and breathe ParaRom and am thrilled to share this obsession with you.

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Vampire Hunter

The Blurb: She’s a two-century-old vampire. He hunts creatures of the dark, like her.

No one is supposed to know vampire Izella Pristin had once loved a vampire hunter two hundred years ago. But when a magical stake emerges with the power to eradicate even the oldest vampires, leading her on a quest to infiltrate Hunter Academy and destroy the artifact, she’s forced to face the ghosts of her past.

The handsome hunter who guards Hunter Academy bears an uncanny resemblance to the love she has never forgotten.

Immortals clash with hunters, a raging war on the brink of chaos. Can Izella survive the battles and find love with a man sworn to kill her kind?


I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review, so I thought this might be a perfect time to take another small break from our "Alien" type books and take a nibble on a Vampire-themed story.

This story is fast and short and reads more like a prequel novella. We are thrown right into action and introduced to Izella as her home (and glass coffin) are being attacked by Vampire Hunters.

Izella, centuries old and extremely powerful, has been sleeping (again). Unlike most of her vampire counterparts, she has been indifferent to the life of a vampire. We learn that she has never overcome her infatuation for a famous Vampire Hunter, Jayson. She met him when she was first turned but rather than killing her, he spared her life. His memory and her undying feelings for him have held her back from truly embracing the vampire "lifestyle".

Surprisingly, she sees an uncanny resemblance of her past love in the 2 hunters that are now trying to kill her. Especially Rune. Both Izella and Rune feel an attraction and deep connection but have no intention of acting on it since they are mortal enemies. She learns that Rune is her first love's great-grand nephew and may be the key to finally allowing Izella to let go of her past.

When her sire and other descendants of Originals task her with locating a powerful weapon being hidden at the Vampire Hunter Academy, she jumps at the opportunity to not only steal the weapon but to also say a final goodbye to Jayson, once and for all.

Overall the story was exciting and interesting. It is fast-paced but still thorough in shedding enough light on Izella and her origin story. We are left with an intriguing cliff-hanger and a few captivating characters who I'm anxious to get to know better in future books.

I thought it was well done and a great diving board into a new series. I look forward to reading book two as soon as it becomes available.

What did you think?

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