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She's infamous.
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Together, they'll be epic...or a complete train wreck. It could go either way, really...


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Mission: Her Protection (Team 52 Book 1)

The Blurb: Dr. Rowan Schafer has learned it's best to do things herself and not depend on anyone else. Her cold, academic parents taught her that lesson. She loves the challenge of running a research base, until the day her scientists discover the object in a retreating glacier. Under attack, Rowan finds herself fighting to survive...until the mysterious Team 52 arrives.

Former special forces Marine Lachlan Hunter's military career ended in blood and screams, until he was recruited to lead a special team. A team tasked with a top-secret mission--to secure and safeguard pieces of powerful ancient technology. Married to his job, he's done too much and seen too much to risk inflicting his demons on a woman. But when his team arrives in the Arctic, he uncovers both an unexplained artifact, and a young girl from his past, now all grown up. A woman who ignites emotions inside him like never before.

But as Team 52 heads back to their base in Nevada, other hostile forces are after the artifact. Rowan finds herself under attack, and as the bullets fly, Lachlan vows to protect her at all costs. But in the face of danger like they've never seen before, will it be enough to keep her alive.


Sexy alpha + Smart heroine + Ancient and mysterious technology = Dream combo!!! Yes, please!

I'm happy to report that the Team 52 series is off to a great start with this book. As a fan of Ms. Hackett's Treasure Hunter series, I was super excited to continue the momentum with this spin-off. This series focuses on the extraordinary men and woman of Team 52; a top-secret government group tasked with securing and safeguarding ancient technology (perhaps ancient alien technology).

We're introduced to Team 52 as they go off on a mission to the Arctic to rescue a research team whose mysterious find has triggered death and devastation.

Rowan, our heroine, was leading this research group and is the only survivor. Lachlan, is an ex-Marine and is leading the rescue mission. Little did they know that their paths had crossed before. They grew up as next door neighbors and relied on each other as kids while their home life was falling apart. They went their separate ways but have never forgotten their special bond.

As with all of Ms. Hackett's books, I was sucked in from the very beginning. This book is filled to the brim with action, intrigue and smoldering romance. It moves fast, hits hard and makes you beg for more.

The main characters are well developed and I always appreciate how Ms. Hackett gives us a smart and strong female to root for. Rowan is intelligent, inquisitive, sassy and fearless. She's never really experienced love, not even from her parents, and Lachlan is the perfect person to open her up to the possibilities of forever.

Because this is the first in the series, we're given quite a roll-call and there are a lot of characters to keep track of. But, introductions are done well with tiny tidbits here and there while the main focus stayed on Rowan and Lachlan. It only excites me more about the several books to come.

Great start to a new series! I zipped through this story and have already started book 2, so stay tuned.

What did you think?

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Nov 21, 2018

these look deliciously naughty

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