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Semi-Charmed: (Harper Hall Investigations Book 1) By: Isabel Jordan

She's infamous.
He's legendary.
Together, they'll be epic...or a complete train wreck. It could go either way, really...


Hi and Welcome!

I'm Sarah and I still love to read fairy-tales

They are just a whole lot sexier now. 

I'm a fan of fiction but Paranormal Romance is my true north on the literary compass.  


I eat, sleep and breathe ParaRom and am thrilled to share this obsession with you.

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Monday Meme: Prepare For The End

This is absolutely me.

I could be completely engrossed in a book and still stop when it "feels" as if we're nearing the end just to make sure about how much time I have left.

Then the anxiety builds up, especially if I feel like we need way more time to tie up loose ends and the amount of pages left doesn't seem nearly enough.

Or, the sadness starts to set in. If I love the book, I find myself slowing down...trying to prolong the inevitable and get into the right frame of mind to say goodbye.

And that "mental preparation" has so many layers and I have so many questions. Will there be a cliffhanger? Is there a next book? Should I go ahead and get that next book? What other books by this author should I get?

It's always tough as we near the finish line but having a blog has made it a little easier. Now, I get to put my thoughts and feelings down and enjoy a good book just a little bit longer.

Does this sound like you?

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