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Semi-Charmed: (Harper Hall Investigations Book 1) By: Isabel Jordan

She's infamous.
He's legendary.
Together, they'll be epic...or a complete train wreck. It could go either way, really...


Hi and Welcome!

I'm Sarah and I still love to read fairy-tales

They are just a whole lot sexier now. 

I'm a fan of fiction but Paranormal Romance is my true north on the literary compass.  


I eat, sleep and breathe ParaRom and am thrilled to share this obsession with you.

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Willow's Windfall: a novella (Romancing the Spirit Book 2)

By: C Samet

The Blurb:

She's a medium.

He's a skeptic. A hidden treasure leads them on a dangerous adventure. 

Willow Nightingale helps ghosts cross into the spirit world. She accepts the task to rid Mark Stryker of the spirit haunting his house, but they discover the ghost is linked to a three-hundred-year-old pirate treasure.

When Willow and Mark race to find it, they discover they aren't the only ones after it. They must rely on each other and the ghost of a pirate if they're going to survive. 

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I have to echo so many other readers by saying that the only negative thing about this book is that it happens to be a novella.

The plot is so simple, yet, so unique. I absolutely loved how these two likable characters are thrown together in the most unusual way. It's not everyday that the person with the ghost problem falls in love with his ghostbuster.

This short story is well-written and the characters are well-developed. We're treated to a fun mystery, exciting drama, and a sweet romance. I've read full-length novels that couldn't succeed in creating such a winning combination.

I was so pleasantly surprised that I immediately started the search for more of Ms. Samet's books. Well done and onto the next!

What did you think?

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