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Full Blood (Wyrd Blood Book 2)

The Blurb: One monster wants my soul. One man wants my magic. Me? I want to be left alone to live my life out like a dull, one of the lucky people who were born devoid of magic. But that won’t happen because being born a Wyrd Blood gives me two choices in life: ruler or slave.

I’d rather die than be a slave and I’m not cut out to rule. Instead I’ve been hiding out in the Valley. Life is pretty good here, with food in my belly and a warm bed to sleep. If I didn’t get harassed constantly by Ryker, the man who wants my magic, it might be good enough to lull me into thinking life could continue on like this forever.

UntiI I get a message from Bones, the monster who owns my soul…


I'm gritty-eyed and exhausted. How dare this book force me to read rather than get some much needed sleep. But that's just the kind of relationship I have with Ms. Augustine's writing. It becomes a priority. obsession.

So, I'm veering away from our "Alien Autumn" book reviews for just a moment. But I had no choice. I've been waiting impatiently for this book and snatched it up as soon as it was available. And look at that cover! Gorgeous! How could anyone leave this book for another day? So, onto the review...

Full Blood is set in an apocalyptic world where magic exists. But magic users only have a few choices. They are either too weak and are used by others more powerful or, they are extremely powerful and are the ones doing the using.

Bugs, our heroine, has never wanted any part in either and has spent the majority of her life in hiding, scraping to get by and struggling to keep her crew safe and fed. But, she was unfortunately outed in the last book and we discover the immense power she has been trying to hide for so long.

In this book, we soon find out she is not only a "wyrd blood", but she is a "full blood". This means she could very well be one of the most powerful magic users in the world. But with no training or experience, she is dangerous and highly coveted. Bugs has had to fight for everything she has ever had, so when not only her magic, but her very soul become targets, she's determined to fight for those as well. Luckily, she has a very powerful ally.

I absolutely loved the first book and I loved Bugs. She was strong, witty and selfless. She would do anything for her crew (her family) even if it killed her. In book two, we start to see another side of Bugs.

Now that she is safe within Ryker's country, she starts to lose a little of that edge. I found her to be more stubborn and naive which at first, had me struggling to connect with her. But really, this makes complete sense and adds to the fantastic character development Ms. Augustine is known for.

Bugs is a young woman with no social graces or relationship experience. But she wears her heart on her sleeve, is loyal to a fault and isn't afraid to take a risk. She finds herself in awkward situations and unable to read other's intentions. Because of this, she starts to question herself, her worth, and her feelings towards others. Especially Ryker. These growing pains are felt throughout the book but I'm hoping they are only temporary. I truly believe that Bugs' confidence will come back ten-fold in future books and she will be a force to be reckoned with.

Bugs and Ryker's relationship is shaky and tumultuous. Ryker is trying to train her to use her magic while helping her destroy Bones, the man who has the means to kill her. Ryker is a classic "Augustine" hero. Dark, sexy, powerful, secretive, and protective. And it's this secrecy and inability to express his feelings plainly that has this book pulsating with sexual tension.

The story is written from Bug's perspective only, so we are strapped tight in her head and only get her point of view. Would I have loved a few chapters from Ryker's p.o.v. or a little more dialogue to develop other characters fully? Sure. But, I'm not complaining and this will not hold me back from devouring her future books.

So, did I like this book? ABSOLUTELY! I adore the way Ms. Augustine puts a story together. Her world building is enthralling, her writing style is poetic and her characters are addictive. I envy her ability to squeeze so much wit and wisdom into every single page.

Did I love this book as much as the first? Not quite. But, I did love it and couldn't put it down. I was reading way past my bedtime and it was absolutely worth it. This series started with a bang, Wyrd Blood is definitely 5 stars, and this book was a fantastic addition. There is so much more in store for Bugs and I'll be right there by her side through it all.

What did you think?

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Nov 01, 2018

Great review, I'm really glad you are fully enjoying this book series so far, thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.


Oct 28, 2018

I've read another series by this author before and liked it a lot. The cover of this one is absolutely beautiful!


Oct 27, 2018

New info for me - thanx


Oct 27, 2018

looks like a good read! Great review


Oct 27, 2018

Wonderful review. I really like that cover!

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