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Nevermore (Crossbreed Series Book 6)

The Blurb:

Raven returns to her childhood home to rebuild her severed relationship with her father.

After a long year of capturing violent criminals and thwarting assassination plots, she could use a vacation.

But trouble is brewing on the home front. When Raven discovers her father is in financial peril, she's determined to set things right even if it means sacrificing her heart in the process.

Meanwhile, her relationship with Christian is on shaky ground when a skeleton falls out of his closet.

Will they be able to leave the past behind, or is the trust between them dead and buried?


This series has been quite a journey so far. Ms. Dark has wowed us all with imaginative world-building, complex character development, intense action and toe-curling passion. It's incredibly easy to get sucked in and completely invested in the story and book 6 was no different, even though it took a slightly different path.

This story starts exactly where it left off in book 5, with Raven taking a break from Keystone and spending time with her father, Crush. The rest of the team is also on hiatus so this alters the fast and furious pace that we've been used to in previous books.

Raven and Christian are at odds and the main story line throughout the book is whether or not they can make it through this rough patch. Because of this, the book delves much deeper into both Raven's and Christian's history. Emotions, insecurities, and commitment issues take center stage and true feelings and intentions are revealed.

In each book, more and more layers of Raven's personality have been peeled back and we're finally at her gooey center. Seeing Raven in her father's habitat was a perfect way to understand her better. Christian is absolutely delicious and his declaration of Raven's love was jaw-dropping. We didn't see as much of the sexy, Irish vamp as usual (we were a little busy with Raven and her dad) but he is certainly present and swoon-worthy.

The rest of Keystone makes significant appearances and smaller story lines are also given a boost. I love how Shepard and his son's relationship has grown. The entire team has taken little Hunter under their wing and it melts my heart to see this young boy blossom and grow. I can't wait to see what else is in store for them and, if my instincts are right, how Kira might fit in. We also were introduced to some new characters. I wouldn't mind seeing much more of Switch. He seems well-suited for Keystone and maybe the perfect teacher for Hunter.

Even though a lot is settled for Raven and Christian in this book, there is still danger lurking. What is Houdini up to? What does Cyrus have planned? We took a brief breather from the typical bad-guys in this story, but there's plenty of action to be had.

Book 7 can't come fast enough.

What did you think?

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Feb 07, 2019

Great review this book series really looks and sounds like an amazingly fantastic series, I am really glad you fully enjoyed reading this series so far in. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.


Feb 05, 2019

I enjoy getting stuck into longer series. I'm glad you enjoyed this one.

Gemma @


Feb 05, 2019

I like the cover and the sound of the book.


Feb 05, 2019

I love it when I discover an awesome series. Great review.


Feb 05, 2019

I always enjoy when the next book in a series picks up immediately where the previous one left off. It keeps me from feeling like I missed out on part of the story.

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