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Say You're Mine (Spellbound Series Book 1)

By Sydney Somers

The Blurb: At every turn the mysterious Calder family has meddled in Detective Reece Prescott’s investigations, so it’s no surprise when the gorgeous Violet Calder lands in the middle of his undercover operation—literally.

Claiming she’s his girlfriend makes perfect sense at the time. Wishing their fake romance was something more could cost Reece more than just his job.

Violet has always insisted on leaving the hands-on private investigating to her siblings, right up until the sinfully hot detective needs her to play along. But the more she pretends to be in love with Reece, the more real the charade becomes.

Forced to tread carefully or risk exposing her family’s secrets, Violet fears that not even magic can save her from falling for the one man who could destroy everything.


Fun and feisty heroine? Check.

Magical meddling family? Check.

Wrong place at the wrong time scenario? Check.

Sexy as sin alpha? CHECK, CHECK, CHECK!

I was pleased as punch to find some of my favorite romantic elements in this fun and easy read. This short story followed a tried and true romance formula, so it may not be the most original plot-line but it definitely delivered in all the right ways.

Our main characters are strong and likable and the "enemies to lovers" scenario worked well within the framework of the story.

Violet Calder belongs to a family of witches that also happens to be a family of private investigators. Because of their line of work, she and her other siblings frequently cross paths with the law. And one sexy detective in particular has had a few too many run-in's with the Calder family to make him a little suspicious of who they really are.

I couldn't help but fall in love with Reece with every page I turned. He's got it all..the looks, strength, moral compass, and protective instincts. But it's his sweet insecurity and gentle devotion to Violet that makes him truly swoon-worthy.

Violet is just as engaging and her fear that Reece will reject her because of what she is made her even more real and easy to empathize with. We learn more about her other siblings through her interactions with them and the family dynamic adds background, fun and color to an already intriguing story.

Violet and Reece's attraction sizzles and would have scorched the pages if I hadn't been on my kindle. When Violet accidentally falls (literally) into Reese's undercover investigation, they have to "fake it, to make it" out. But "faking it" is just a little too easy to do and lines start to blur pretty fast.

Say You're Mine has all the right ingredients. With it's humor, a little magic, a bit of action and A LOT of passion, this was a yummy little morsel that I ate right up.

This is the first of several books in the series and now I'm too intrigued by the rest of the family to not read them all (or at least try:)

What did you think?

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Dec 18, 2018

My interest is definitely piqued.


Dec 18, 2018

Fun review. I love a book that includes humor and action with the yummy passion.


Dec 18, 2018

looks tasty

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