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Together, they'll be epic...or a complete train wreck. It could go either way, really...


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Snared: A Science Fiction Adventure Romance (Star Breed Book 6)

The Blurb: When the only woman Xander cared for was ripped from his arms, nothing else mattered. Now she’s back. Fragile and brave, beautiful and brilliant. Someone to protect, someone to fight for.

Except she doesn’t remember him at all. Her curves and captivating scent drive him mad, demanding he cares for her, possess her. He'll keep his mate safe, even if the Empire burns to ash around them.

Loree Sarratt is tired of everyone treating her like an invalid. Her hacking skills could save the Empire - if she's not arrested first. First puzzle to solve? An overprotective pillar of muscle who turns her legs to jelly when he’s in the same room.

She can’t lose focus. But the heat of his gaze sends her pulse racing. His touch steals her breath. Everything tempts her to surrender…

And forget the danger she's in.


This is the sixth and final book (maybe) in the Star Breed Series. In this story, we continue to follow The Pack's goal in defeating the evil Stanton and his mission to take over the Empire. And the couple in the spotlight is one we've met before; Xander and Loree.

First thing...this book is heavy on the action. If you're in search of a romance that focuses the majority of it's the time on the budding relationship, this may not be a fit. This space story is definitely more "Star Wars" than it is "Passengers". It is fast paced and the world Ms. Wyn has created is exotic and unique. We're introduced to new types of technology, medicine, and warfare so you definitely need to pay attention or you might get lost. We see this throughout the entire series but I felt like it was a little more prevalent in this book.

Having said that, it was really great to see Loree again; healthy and cured of her debilitating disease. She's smart, brave and likable. Unfortunately for Xander, at the start of this story, she remembers nothing about him.

Now, I've read my fair share of "amnesia" type stories to know that this can go one of two ways. Best case scenario is that this allows for some great character development and an opportunity to watch our hero woo his mate. Worst case is an unrealistic, "fall directly into love" situation without any build-up or renewal of feelings. I think this story fell somewhere in the middle.

I never doubted Xander's feeling's for Loree. It is plain as day and incredibly endearing to watch him try to rekindle that old flame. But, Loree's acceptance of him did seem a little rushed for me. I know The Pack is crammed full of hunky, delectable guys who are easy to love, but, it was a little disappointing to see their relationship go from zero to sixty in the blink of any eye.

Personally, I would have liked Loree to have made Xander work a little harder. A few more intimate and emotional moments where we witness deep feelings being realized might have been a nice touch.

Regardless, they're a great couple. That is one of Ms. Wyn's gifts. She does a fantastic job at pairing complimentary people together. It was refreshing to see in the first book and has carried on from one to the next. Xander and Loree work well together, respect one another, and were fun to go traipsing from planet to planet with.

Having read the other five, I have to admit, this was not my favorite. Perhaps it was because a great deal of content was used to tie up loose ends rather than focus on the romance aspect of the story. Or, maybe it was because a little more proofreading could have been utilized to clean up grammatical and punctuation errors.

Overall, the series was good and I enjoyed the journey. One of the greatest aspects of a romance is a satisfying happy ending and we certainly get that in Snared. Our story is neatly capped (at least for now) and The Pack we've grown to love can begin a calmer life with their women and growing family.

What did you think?

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